Striped Shirts For Women Are Ideal For Spring 2018

If there is a must-try top for Spring 2018, then it’s a striped shirt. In today’s blog post, we are about to see ways how to wear this wardrobe essential in real life. As you all know, a striped print is considered to be trendy, that’s why we see so many ways how to wear it in real life. Anyway, we are here to talk about striped shirts, so why don’t you have a look through these inspiring street style looks completed with bright tops.

Make sure to get yourself a striped shirt, so you can create fabulous outfits. This print is pretty simple, ladylike and fit almost everyone, no matter if you are slim, skinny or fat, plus sized. All you need is to adjust them according to your body shape: horizontal stripes make your body look slimmer, vertical ones make you look fuller. This is a simple rule, so when wearing striped pattern, you should also choose wide or thin stripes. I do recommend to team striped shirt with one colored bottom, no matter if they are jeans, pants, skirts or shorts. Speaking of shirts color, then it is available in versatile colors. The stripes can be thick, thin, vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. Sure, a black-white color scheme is the most common one, but you are free to try navy-white, red-white, etc. Feel free to experiment and find your favorite color combination. For instance, a blue-white striped button-down shirt will be an ideal match to wear with white shorts and light blue lace-up trainers. A pinstripe black-white front-knot shirt is a good match to wear with a plaid print red-white midi skirt and black pumps. As you can see, there are many ways how to experiment with such shirts, why don’t you take a tour through these street style shots and choose your favorite outfit ideas.

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